Mom Buys Herself A Birthday Gift At Kohl’s… And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

You would never have come across a video this funny all over the internet and we ended up laughing till our stomachs hurt when we went through this.
Based in Grand Prairie, Texas, is Candace, who is a mother of two and suddenly decided to indulge herself in a shopping spree at the local store of Kohl. When she was looking out for what to buy, she saw a children’s toy that was thrilling enough for her and she decided to buy it for her son, before keeping ti for herself.
She rushed back to the car and set the camera up before trying the gift. And what turned on in a chain of events later was extremely funny and when this video was posted over the internet, it went viral instantly.

It's the simple joys in life….

Posted by Candace Payne on Thursday, May 19, 2016

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