Mom Doesn’t Expect The Kind Of Reaction She Got After Making Brownies For School Bake Sale With Breast Milk

Most individuals got irritated with an anonymous mother for making brownies with breast milk for her kid’s school bake sale.

She used her own breast milk because she was not chanced to purchase milk from the store. However, the act irritated other mothers when they got to know and she doesn’t know why. She Said, “The nutrition can be used by some of the kids”. Being foolhardy, she seek advice from Facebook users on what to do in response to the anger shown by other moms, and her post got shared on Sanctimommy Facebook page. The post got spread on the internet getting several thousand of comments from users across the globe. Do scroll down to see the post as well as the reactions from the internet users across the globe.

What’s your view with respect to these brownies made with breast milk?

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An anonymous mother decided to add one unconventional ingredient to her brownies for the school bake sale

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And she doesn’t understand why other moms are disgusted by it so she asked the Internet

The post has gone viral since with thousands of comments from Internet users, some of which are outraged

While others find it hilarious

What do you think about these breast milk brownies?