Little Injured Bird Receives Tiny ‘Snowshoes’ And Gets Back On Her Feet

Everyone loves a good animal rescue story especially when it involves those animals that people tend to forget.  As such, this sweet little mocking jay came into the life of its rescuer, California Wildlife Center (CWC).  In order to help his feet to heal properly, they were spread out with special tape onto a mini pair of snowshoes so that they could form right and also allow the bird to land properly, which it couldn’t before.


When you take a look at the photos, you’ll see that these cute bird shoes look exactly like snowshoes, earning the name, and the exciting thing is that they just look as cute as they sound on this little bird. They’re helpful and we all are excited to know that this baby bird is doing well now after its surgery and is able to go free into the world with healed feet that are looking exactly as they should at this age.  It’s so exciting to see that this is being put into effect and we all hope to see this method being used more in the future for anyone who needs it.


More info: California Wildlife Center