Moana Sapa Is Vietnam’s Most Serene Location

The Moana Sapa, or the Moana Sapa Cafe in the Sa Pa town of Vietnam, is arguably one of the country’s most serene and peaceful-looking places. Many people describe Moana Sapa as a make-believe paradise with lush mountains and forests.

moana sapa sculpture

Sa Pa is located in one of the most mountainous regions in Vietnam. The town has a population of more than 60,000 people of different ethnic groups living peacefully. Sa Pa has a rich history left by its first inhibitors about whom nothing is certain. What is certain is that they left some extensive rock carvings that are on the UNESCO heritage list.

moana sapa sculpture hands

On one of the peaks of Sa Pa, there is the Moana Sapa Cafe. It is a highly popular tourist attraction and a place where there are many views of the mountains and forests in the nearby area. The huge sculpture with her hands open is the Moana girl statue. It is 6 meters tall and one of the highlights of the cafe. The statue was built in 2021, a fairly recent date.

the statue at the peak

Many believe that the statue was inspired by the Disney character Moana, who is famous for her courage and strong spirit. Aside from the statue, the meditating hand is another impressive attraction of the Moana Sapa. The hand is wide enough for people to get on it and take photos but all must be cautious since the hand is on a cliff.

moana sapa meditating hand
Du Hee Jang

The meditating hand is known as the Golden Hand by the locals. Moreover, it looks like it is floating in the air, especially on misty days which is what this region is famous for. Many call the town of Sa Pa “the land of fog.”

moana sapa meditating hand and the forests

While visitors should be careful standing on top of the hand, the Moana Sapa has taken some cautions as well. There is a net right under the Golden Hand in order to catch if anyone falls down. However, the net does not cover the whole cliff, but only a part of it.

the hand and the net under

Another section of the Moana Sapa is the Bali Heaven’s Gate. This gate is a replica of the Gate of Heaven in the Lempuyang Temple on the island of Bali, Indonesia. While the Sapa gate is not as tall as the original one, it presents beautiful views of the Northwest mountains.

moana sapa gate
Mind Mindrisa

The Moana Sapa has to be one of the most serene locations in Vietnam. The massive Moana sculpture, the Golden Hand, the Heaven Gate, the Infinity Lake, and the views of the mountains and forests across make this place worth visiting.

the gate at sunset
Kim Lim