Dogs Are Not Allowed On NYC Subway Unless They’re In A Carrier…So This Happened

We all know the frustration of not being able to take our dog along on a ride on the Subway.  It’s meant for good reason, of course, but it is inconvenient for many of us. This dog owner had an awesome solution that really allowed us to see just how far this can be pushed.

This loving dog owner brought his adorable, huge husky onto the subway by simply putting him inside an oversized tote bag.  The husky calmly sat inside of the bag and enjoyed his ride, both staying nonchalant to the fact that they were making some pretty serious history and getting lots of attention.  It’s nice to see that people can still be innovative and follow the rules in a way that is both entertaining and serious in the fact that the rules need to be followed.  It’s a little sad to see that the rules are that restrictive, though.  It shows us that our modern rules have some adjusting to do if they want people to take them seriously.

man with giant dog tote bag new york subwayAlex Romano

man with giant dog tote bag new york subwayMichiko Fuller

man with giant dog tote bag new york subwayhansyandbrush

man with giant dog tote bag new york subwayClare Toeniskoetter