A Cat Who Gave Birth Under A Guy’s Bed Is Adorable But He Doesn’t Own a Cat

We all love kittens but none of us haven’t had the chance to experience a miraculous birth of four kittens under our bed while we don’t even own a cat.

A director and a writer from London named Paris Zarcilla entered his bedroom to get a jumper one day only to find a mama cat with her four kittens under his bed.

He experienced all sorts of emotions and he said he felt like a dad. He started to share his unbelievable story on twitter: “Paternal instincts kicking in. Overwhelmed with feels. Don’t know how to deal.”

His new housemates completely changed his plans and he dedicated himself to them. “I am living for these babies. Any work commitments I have are now temporarily on hold. Sorry, I’m a dad now,” he wrote. “Just canceled my order for comics and single malt whiskey. Now buying cat food. This is fatherhood yo! I’m here for this.”

With this experience, he said that he was able to discover the depths of himself and his capacity to love. He has bonded with the kittens so much that he doesn’t name them out of fear that the cat may have an owner who would take them back.

He put up lost and found posters but none of the lost cats matched his own. He is happy to give them a loving home if no one claims the cat.

For now, they all live happily together and Zarcilla seems to be very good at being a cat dad. People love his story on twitter and are asking for updates quite often. You can check his account if you want to follow up on this cute and extraordinary incident.