Majestic Houses: Victorian, Gothic, etc.

Shades of Blue highlight this San Francisco Victorian home

Victorian home

Lucius B. Mantonya Flats, Chicago

Designed by architect Curd H. Gottig in 1887, the facade is covered with keyhole windows, including seventeen Moorish Revival arches and original leaded blue mosaic glass. Mantonya was a prominent Chicago shoe and boot wholesaler who invested in real estate.


The Frog House in Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Frog House is an example of Art Nouveau architecture in the city of Bielsko-Biała, in southern Poland’s Silesia Province. It features two frogs seated over the entrance, one smoking a pipe and the other playing a mandolin, while beetles roam freely over the walls.

1888 Queen Anne Victorian Bair House in Arcata, California

916 13th Street, Arcata, California, United States

One of California’s premier examples of Queen Anne architecture, the Bair House, built-in 1888 for Dr. Fred Bangs, is attributed to architects Samuel and Joseph Newsom. This is a house of complex rooflines, corner tower, gables, bays, and a richly textured surface of patterned shingles and applied ornamentation. Most notable is the horseshoe entrance and balustrade, lavishly decorated spindlework and Eastlake ornamentation.

Gothic Victorian House

The Max Adler House 1879 Victorian eclectic masterpiece that over looks Wooster Square


Vollmer House, San Francisco, built 1876

Upper East Side, Manhattan

Upper East Side, Manhattan

Weinhardt Mansion (1888) – Chicago, Illinois, USA – Designed by architect William Ohlhaber

Weinhardt Mansion

Gamwell House, a Late Victorian era home built in 1892, Fairhaven, Bellingham, Washington


Old house, Canada

old house canada

All black Victorian with grey marble steps

black house

Early 1900’s Craftsman Home in Seattle

Early 1900's Craftsman Home in Seattle