Los Angeles Is Painting The Streets White, And There’s A Good Reason Why

While some didn’t believe the climate is changing, others are already finding a solution to the challenge. Some of those seeking for solution are those living in Los Angeles, and they are currently thinking of an innovative idea to tackle the heat.

To tackle the extremely high temperature which is about 130-140 degrees on the surface of the road, the Los Angeles resident have started a project to test out the “cool pavement.”

Asphalt based paint-like substance is used to paint 15 streets in order to reduce the temperature to about 11-13 degrees Fahrenheit so that the surrounding building will also experience the cooling effect.

This might not be a big deal, however, with respect to the report by the environmental Protection Agency, if a reflective substance like this is used to cover 35% of LA’s street, it would result to reduction of about 1-degree in the temperature of the whole city, which implies about $100 million would be saved from the cost of energy.

This is a great innovative idea and it also looks amazing!

More info: twitter (h/t: curbed)