A Pilot Takes Amazing Photos Of Sky From His Cockpit And They Are Truly Breathtaking

The pilot enjoys the best sights from the cockpit. Also, when you work for South American airline, you will run through multiple storms as a job requirement as the flights typically fly over regions with high chances of the storm.

Santiago Borja Lopez, who is a Quito is based out of Ecuador and works for Ecuador Airlines. Whenever he is off-duty, he starts clicking the mesmerizing views that are seen from the air. He has captured incredible storms and lightning bolts as his job nature. Scroll down to have a look at some of the best snaps by Santiago.

1. This is a colossal cumulonimbus that is flashing over the Pacific Ocean when the flight is 37,000 feet above the sea level.

2. This is an astonishing lightning.

3. A magnificent storm over Panama City.

4. Flying over the Atlantic Ocean, witnessing night flashes.

5. Calm night sky.

6. Magical view.

7. Above South America at the Coast of Venezuela.

8. Flying on top of the Colombian Amazonia just before entering Ecuador.

9. A Storm developing near South of Jamaica.

10. A sight of the super moon.

11. ‘Looking Like A Nuclear Explosion, This Great Cumulonimbus Is Discharging Its Power Over Colombian Rainforest’

12. Fugaz, Atlantic Ocean, North Of Panama City

13. Atomic Storm

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