The Lonely Castle in the Middle of the Desert

Standing isolated surrounded by the vast, golden north Saudi Arabian desert is a bizarre single rock castle, which has been lying undisturbed for centuries.

If like a lot of people, you have a spirit that is just waiting to find something to explore, You can look at the newest adventure in the gorgeous dusty landscape of Saudi Arabia.  You will find an abandoned and forgotten about a tomb that has been half-finished. Due to the fact that it was never finished, you’re able to see how it was chiseled from the rock with the accurate detailing and the fact that it was built from the top down instead of the bottom-up like previously thought. This is literally a look and history allows us to see how some of the people live in that day and time. There is certainly a creepy air to the place though, seeing it was originally intended to be a tomb. For the adventurous spirit, however, this is just the right adventure to get your backpack out and the plane tickets booked. What’s better, is that this is original officially declared a heritage location in Saudi Arabia.

Qasr al-Farid is one of 131 monumental tombs carved in the area a thousand years ago.

lonely castle madain salehTomasz Trześniowski

The “Lonely Castle” isn’t actually a castle, though; it’s a tomb

lonely castle madain salehTomasz Trześniowski

The unfinished structure gives us a glimpse on how the Nabataeans constructed their massive stone buildings

lonely castle madain salehTomasz Trześniowski

They liked to use single pieces of sandstone and carved from the top down

lonely castle madain salehTomasz Trześniowski

The size of the tomb indicated the person’s social status

Qasr al-Farid is the largest of the 131 tombs in the area

Despite having faced the elements for 1,900 years, Qasr al-Fraid is still standing in very good condition