Life Of People Living With More Than 3 Pets, It’s Hilarious

Having a pet definitely brings lots of joy to your life. Having more than one pet multiplies that happiness so many times, although it also raises various challenges. If we’re talking several dogs – it isn’t always a walk in the park to take them out. And if it’s friendly pets of different kinds, such a thing as night’s rest might not even exist. Yet, adorable animals give you the best kind of love that’s very worth all the hassle.

1. Silent Scream For Help


2. Meet Bob, The Friendly Golden Retriever, Lives With 8 Birds And A Hamster

dog and birds

3. I Was Worried That My Dogs Wouldn’t Like The New Cat. I Was Wrong

cats and dogs

4. Wife Wanted 5 Minutes Alone.. This Was Outside Her Door


5. This Is How Life With 12 Cats Looks Like


6. Steve Is Living With Senior Dog Rescues, Bikini The Pig, Stuart The Rabbit, And Other Animals

Steve Greig

7. Girlfriend And I Have 5 Cats And 2 Dogs That All Love To Sleep With Us At Night… Solution? We Made An 11ft King + Full Mega Bed!


8. My Parents Have 3 Dogs… And A Cat


9. This Was Their Faces After I Walked In The Room And Yelled, “Ok, Who Did It?”

three dogs

10. My Dogs Are Dropping Their First Album