You Should Read This Guy’s Post About The Responsibilities Of Owning A Dog

Getting a dog is a huge responsibility and requires all your dedication. You need to take care of their needs, their health, food, and hygiene. Professional baseball player Austin Conway took to Facebook to explain what it’s like owning a dog.

“I had seen several posts a few days prior to people looking to [give up] their dogs,” Conway told. “The reasons behind re-homing were things like shedding, potty-training issues, hyperness, not enough space, difficulty finding rental housing, etc. All of which, in my opinion, are foreseeable responsibilities and factors that should be taken into consideration before making the decision to welcome an animal into your family. So, after seeing these, I just had an urge to create my post about my German Shepherd mix Stella in a way to spread the message that a pet is a lifetime choice.”

Austin Conway did such an excellent job of putting everything into words, his post immediately went viral. As of this article, it already has over 437K reactions and 285K shares, and every sensible person should read it before getting a pet.

man hugging dog

German Shepherd mix litter
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little pup

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