Artist Creates Visually Striking Layered Landscapes

Japanese artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi has produced a quite striking series of art installations that depict landscape photography in a unique fashion.

“Layered Drawings” features a series of landscape photographs covering various subjects, from lush forests to mesmerizing sunsets, with each photograph covering the same subject over an extended period of time.

Once completed, each subject consists of several photographs that are then set in acrylic and layered together in chronological order. The results are quite remarkable, as each photograph helps to create a single scene that wraps around the viewer, highlighting the subtle changes to the environment over time.

The subject of time and change is something the artist intentionally evoked in his work.

We are all subject to the passing of time, yet each of us feels and perceives it in our own way,” Nakaniski writes on his website.

“Time itself has no shape or boundary and cannot be fixed or grasped. When we look at the photographs in these sculptures, we attempt to fill in the gaps between the individual images. We draw from our physical experiences to fill in missing time and space, both ephemeral and vague. In this series, I attempt to depict time and space as sensations shared by both viewer and artist.”

Nobuhiro Nakanishi: Website