Useful Tips From Korean Households To Make Life Easier And More Comfortable

Most Korean households are different from any American type of huge houses. Even some wonder how Koreans live in such small houses with all the necessary house stuff. A Korean-born Ava Lee shared a video that contains useful tips from Koren households to make life easier and more comfortable.

Ava Lee decided to share videos showing random things in Korean apartments that are pretty thoughtful

1. The tiny kitchen is equipped with a practical sliding table

korean households

2. The windows are celeverly fitted for safety reasons, but still let fresh air in

3. Some apartments come with bidets installed in the toilet

korean households

4. Electronic door locks come in handy if carrying keys is too annoying

5. If there is one preferred appliance in Korean household then washing machine is the winner

korean households

6. “To give yourself a full body massage every single day is what makes Koreans so happy all the time”

7. Ava shows two fridges for different things to make sure products are kept fresh

korean households

8. Extra door separating entrance with the apartment where the shoes are left

9. Some apartments even have large size washing machine and dryers

korean households

And a reminder that koreans take their family meals so seriously that they take care of it as expecting guests every time

Here is the video of Ava Lee


I’d trade laundry in unit over dishwasher any day #avainseoul #koreanthings #koreanlife #koreanhouse #bidet

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