Villagers Create Adorable Sweaters for Rescue Elephants to Help Keep Them Warm

It makes them so happy!

The Wildlife SOS Conservation and Care Center in Mathura, India takes in abused animals that have suffered from various forms of neglect and punishment, including a host of loveable elephants.

knitting giant sweaters Elephant

Sadly, the elephants were none too pleased about a recent bout of cold weather that has left them feeling the chill! Of course, locals at the center didn’t want the poor elephants to be unhappy (they have had more than enough of that in their lifetimes!) and they came up with a brilliant way to address the cold snap.

Donning their creative caps, the villagers decided to knit and crochet a collection of massive sweaters that will keep the chilly elephants nice and cozy! Not only do these big onesies manage to keep the elephants warm, but they also look totally adorable at the same time – a happy bonus!

knitting giant sweaters Elephant

knitting giant sweaters Elephant

This is no easy feat however, considering the size of the elephants it required a fair number of dedicated villagers to produce.

For instance, making one sweater takes as long as four weeks, with only 3 of the rescue center’s 23 elephants donning them so far – don’t worry, those without are still getting a nice and warm blanket, just without the elephant-friendly design!

Thankfully, the weather has taken a turn for the better, allowing the crafters time to prepare a full set of sweaters for next winter. It’s a great project and one that actually helps to ensure the well-being of each rescue elephant.

knitting giant sweaters Elephant

“It is important to keep our elephants protected from the bitter cold during this extreme winter, as they are weak and vulnerable having suffered so much abuse making them susceptible to ailments such as pneumonia,” SOS cofounder Kartick Satyanarayan explains.

“The cold also aggravates their arthritis which is a common issue that our rescued elephants have to deal with.”

Well done to everyone involved at the center that helped to make these loveable elephants’ lives that bit better!

knitting giant sweaters ElephantRoger Allen