The Moment She Realized Her Family Was Never Coming Back

Looking at these beautiful photos of Keisha, a much loved German Shepard that was given to a rescue shelter, you can see the pain and confusion in her face as she realized that her family, who she loved to death and would do anything for, was never coming back.  They gave her up due to not being able to keep her, and left her here to find a new home.  Her expression says all of those hard hitting emotions clearly and breaks any animal lover’s heart. Is it enough to help her find her forever home?  There is only a certain amount of time that each dog is kept alive here, despite their best efforts, so it is important that word gets out there about this beautiful dog who didn’t deserve to be left behind like some sort of afterthought.  Help her find a home that is full of love and eternal devotion so that she never has to have that look of betrayal and heartbreak ever again.  It doesn’t take much, just an open home full of love for a forgotten dog.

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Keisha waits by the door.



Still looking.