Retired Man Sculpts Giant Hedge Into a 100-Foot-Long Dragon

John Brooker has kept himself very busy since his retirement. An avid gardener, he was sick of looking at the boring shrubs outside his home on the grounds of Frizzleton Farm, so he decided to start clipping the hedge into something a little more interesting.

The hedge was nothing smaller either, clocking in at 100 feet in length and 10 feet in height. Still, Brooker starting his protect, taking the time to meticulously clip the hedges into the shape of a magnificent dragon.

With six legs, a large head, jagged teeth, wings, and even detailed scales, Brooker has managed to completely transform the rectangular hedge into a work of art, and it has become something of a mini-landmark in the local area.

He continues to maintain the majestic beast, spending a few days every couple of weeks to trim away the overgrowth and tidy up the appearance of the dragon – he even needs to use a six-foot ladder to reach the top of the hedge too!

Speaking of the project, Brooker said that he was tired of looking at a straight hedge, to be honest. It was pretty boring after a couple of years.”

“The shape just suggested itself. It was just a completely-straight privet hedge to start with. Then I thought I’d carve some arches in the other end, then ahead and it just came from there.”