30 Interior Design Failures That Are Completely Disasters

Get ready for horrible home interior designs! Here are some of the funniest, the most terrible interior design fails.

1. Steps That You Can’t See


2. Up The Drain It Goes


3. My Uncle’s House Got A Bathroom Without A Door, Literally The First Thing You See When You Enter The House


4. My Friend’s Under-The-Stairs “Bathroom” Where The Toilet Is Diagonal And Partially Installed Into The Carpeted Wall


5. Kitchen Made By A Sofa Maker

6. Can’t Stop Thinking About This Sink


7. At Least You Don’t Have To Reach For It

Henry Franks

8. Imagine Having To Scrub Or Clean It


9. Almost Fell Down And Rolled My Ankle On This

interior design failsI_am_lazy_15

10. The Almighty Toilet Throne