People Share Their Unusual Bathroom Designs

Here’s is a list collected some of the most interesting and weirdest bathroom design pics from the Facebook group.

1. Chicago Bungalow Circa 1930. Beautiful Pink Crackle Subway Tile. I Would Never Change It!

interesting bathrooms
Jennifer Yager

2. My Moms 1929 Original Bathroom In Her House. The Shower Was Redone But They Saved Most Of The Tile To Redo It. The Floor Of Course Is Not Original In The Shower

Ayla Fisher

3. When We Moved House And Walked Into This Bathroom Our Mouths Dropped. We Had Never Seen A Roman Bath In A Rental Before

Cameron Olson

4. Our Bedroom Has A Master Bath Attached, That’s Hidden Behind A “Painting” Door. Makes For A Good Panic Room As Literally No Visitor Has Figured It Out Without A Prompt

weird bathrooms
Cassandra Bader Dupre

5. Mine Is My Favorite Room In The House. 1910 Victorian

Unusual Bathroom Designs
Lora Davis Winkle

6. My New Home, I Bought This Because Of This Bathroom!

Laurie Steele-Slaughter

7. Thrifted Bathroom

weird bathroom designs
Katie Fletcher

8. My Great Grandparent’s Upstairs Bathroom. This Was My Favorite Room! I Always Said That I Would Keep It The Same If I Ever Were Able To Own It. I’m Sure It’s Not Everyone’s Taste

weird bathrooms

Carissa Reilly-Weedon

9. Here Are The Untouched Seventies Bathrooms In My New House

weird bathroom designs
Sarah Balentine

10. I’ve Been Seeing Endless Photos Of Bathrooms And I Was Like Wait My Bathroom Is Cool Too

weird bathroom designs
Kimberly Caruana

11. It All Started With The Antique Galvanized Wash Tub Found In A Junk Store That I Turned Into A Sink Set In My Old Dining Room Buffet Now Repurposed As A Vanity

Regina Raichart

12. Sunken Tub With Original Vomiting Swan Hardware And Zen, Rock-Garden Alcove

Maggie Bee Crowley