Incredible Insects: 10+ Photos of Butterflies, Beetles, and more!

Oncometopia broad-headed sharpshooter color variation.


Macrodontia cervicornis

149mm monster from Peru.

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Cecropia Moth Caterpillar

Marvin Smith

Common Baron Caterpillar

animal-camouflageWohin Auswandern

Bark scorpion with babies


Bulls Horn Orb Spider

The bull’s horned spider or demon horned orb weaver is definitely one of the coolest spiders. And the reason for them having these giant stiff horns are so that predatory birds will have trouble trying to swallow them and choke. The other reason is camouflage. Looking like a piece from a tree just sitting in a web. Their abdomens are so large and heavy that they can’t even balance themselves properly while moving along surfaces, they prefer to always hang around. Despite this menacing look, they’re actually one of the most harmless spiders out there, venomous sure but probably mild to us humans, and they’re one shy group of spiders.