Photographer Documents Mirror Spiders With Silvery ‘Scales’ That Grow and Shrink

Photographer Nicky Bay has been capturing how mirror spiders live and their strange behaviors. If you didn’t know, mirror spiders are an unusual type of spider that has shiny metallic panels on their abdomen. These panels are reflective just like a mirror. Bay wanted to document these spiders with his camera and see what they’re like.

Mirror Spiders

What he discovered was that mirror spiders can actually change the size of their reflective mirrors when they sense danger. They do this by widening the silver plates and closing up all the gaps between them so that it looks like one big reflective abdomen. This is likely a form of stealth camouflage for the spider in order to hide from any nearby predators in the wild. Bay has his own blog devoted to pictures of these mirror spiders. He regularly updates the blog with new pictures.

Mirror Spiders


Mirror spider (Thwaitesia sp.) - DSC_7606b

Mirror Spider (Thwaitesia sp.) - DSC_9752

Mirror spider (Thwaitesia sp.) - DSC_7609

Mirror comb-footed spider (Thwaitesia sp.) - DSC_2449

Mirror spider (Thwaitesia sp.) - DSC_9368

mirror spider

Nicky Bay: Flickr