Fishing Boat Nearly Capsizes After Humpback Whale Breaches Close By

Two brothers took their new boat out fishing for the first time near Keppel Island, Queensland, Australia on Tuesday, but what they accidentally caught on video is the true trophy! James Cullen got the shock of his life when a huge humpback whale unexpectedly breached just meters in front of their boat while he was trying to film another whale in the far distance.

The gobsmacked 27-year-old and his younger brother Ben believe the 49-foot humpback calf was ‘showing off’ when it deliberately launched itself from the water, leaving their five-meter vessel rocking wildly. “That exact moment this huge whale jumped out of the water, it must only have been about a 3 feet from the boat. We think it was the calf of the one we could see in the distance. It was just complete luck that I was filming at that exact moment – it was unreal timing.”

The two fishermen were drenched and recall that watching the calf splash was like it went in slow motion. And they now have bragging rights over younger brother Clayton, 25, who usually accompanies them but missed the spectacular show.

Their amazing footage has racked up thousands of views on social media.

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