An Incredible Footage of a 40-Ton Whale Jumping out of the Ocean Goes Viral

Humpback whales are big creature weighing around 36,000kg, this massive weight can be likened to that of 24 adult hippos and that doesn’t stop them from leaping out of the ocean to put an incredible display in the air. Craig Capehart (scuba diver) was able to capture such moment in the Indian Ocean while sitting on an inflammable boat off the coast of Mbotyi. An adult humpback whale appeared and was estimated to weight around 40 tons, however, this giant creature is not retarded from making an incredible display by the body size. “The capturing of this footage happens to be a unique event” Craig added. Previously, large fish such as Dolphins and the Great White Sharks have leaped out of the Ocean, however, this is the first time an adult humpback whale will make such an appearance!”