40 Interesting Facts To See ‘How Rare Is Your Body?’

Have you ever wondered how rare is your body? A TikTok creator named Knowledgesaurus made a video that points out how rare is the human body. Here are 40 interesting facts to learn how rare is your body.

How rare is your body?


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25% of people sneeze when they’re exposed to direct sunlight. It’s called the photic sneeze reflex.


30% of people can flare their nostrils on command. However that muscle has very little use and is usually weak, so a lot of people can’t do it on command.


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Only 12% of people have tetrachromacy – the ability to see a lot more colors than the majority of people. They can see about 10 times as many shades and colors as someone with normal vision.


2% of people naturally have red hair. In order to have a child with this hair color, both parents need to possess the gene, and while redheads make up a tiny part of the population, one study found that 30% of ads have people with red hair in them.


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Less than 1% of people can hear colors or see sounds (synesthesia).


9% of people can taste the soap taste in cilantro. Cilantro contains the chemical that is also a byproduct of soapmaking.


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5% of people have amber eyes – golden or coppery with flakes of gold, green or brown. Amber eyes are very common in dogs, bird and fish.


Less than 1% of people have this small little hole right on their ear. Some evolutionary biologists claim this used to be a gill on humans.


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24% of people can raise one eyebrow, however you can learn to do this as well.


10% of people have something called Morton’s toe. It’s when your big toe is shorter than the one next to it. The Statue of Liberty actually has a Morton’s toe as well.