40 Things That Show How Iceland Is Different From Any Other Country

Has anyone been to Iceland? So you realized how Iceland is different from any other country. Here are 40 things to see Iceland’s differences from any other country.

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1. Iceland Has The World’s Highest Gender Equality

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2. Polar Stratospheric Clouds Over Iceland A Few Days Ago


3. Without An Address, An Icelandic Tourist Drew This Map Of The Intended Location (Búðardalur) And Surroundings On The Envelope. The Postal Service Delivered

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4. This Street In Iceland


5. Breathtaking Icelandic Landscape

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6. Beautiful Photograph Taken In Iceland Where The Blue Sea, The Black Beach, The Yellow River And The Green Fields Meet In Perfect Harmony


7. Fun Fact Iceland Is Full Of Rainbows. Their Rainbow Paths Were Created To Show Their Immense Support For Pride, Diversity, And Acceptance


8. The Viking Sword Road In Iceland

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9. Elephant Rock – Don’t Miss Out The Natural Statue Of Gaint Elephant Near Heimaey Island, Iceland


10. My Hotel Phone In Iceland Has A Special Button That Will Wake You Up If There Are Northern Lights In The Sky

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