Stunning Houses on Cliffs

Here are some of the most stunning houses built on cliffs around the world

Alpine Shelter Skuta by OFIS Architects

houses on cliffs
Image Credit: Janez Martincic

Bivacco Brédy by BCW Collective

houses on cliffs
Image Credit: BCW Collective

Cliff House by Modscape

cliff houses
Image Credit: Modscape

Cliff Retreat by Alex Hogrefe 

cliff houses
Image Credit: Alex Hogrefe/Visualizing Architecture

Concrete House by Marià Castelló and José Antonio Molin

Concrete House
Image Credit: Marià Castelló

Casa MF by Alarciaferrer Arquitectos

Casa MF
Image Credit: Federico Cairoli

Lakehouse by Collective Project

Image Credit: Benjamin Hosking

PR House by Triangular Arquitectos

Triangular Arquitectos
Image Credit: Nicolaüs Sanchez

Patio House by OOAK

Patio House
Image Credit: Yorgos Kordakis