What Happens When A Guest At A Hotel Is Bored And Decides To Start Throwing Challenges To The Housekeepers?

If you travel on work often, you would realize on how boring business trips are. You would be staying in the hotel for days together, gulping a drink alone and sleeping alone as you would not have much people to hang out with while on a business trip.

However, the story of a traveler staying in a hotel in Azerbaijan was totally different as he decided to be totally creative instead of ending up having awkward breakfasts with colleagues. He made some wonderful creations using the pillows and sheets that would leave a smile on the face of the housekeeper. When the housekeeper came to make the room, she was smiling and left a friendly note on the bed for the creator. This exercise continued daily till he was staying in the hotel and in the end, the business traveler had a wonderful little surprise for her!

Scroll down to have a look at how the guest made different shapes everyday and how the game progressed!

A bored business traveler found a creative way to have fun in his room recently

And as you can see, he certainly made the housekeeper smile

The following day he left her this smiley face

The housekeeper remade the bed

And left him this note : D

The next day she found this monster!

Followed by this

And whatever this is

She let the guest know what she thought of his creativity

But the man didn’t stop there

Once again the housekeeper left him a friendly note

The following day she encountered this!

And one day she walked straight in on a man hard at work in his dressing gown!

The man clearly made the housekeeper’s day

Especially when she walked in one morning to find this waiting for her