People Share Home Design Fails In A Group ‘That’s It, I’m Home Shaming’

11. It’s Missing The Clock Tower!

home shaming

Architect: “So, what style would you like?”
Disney Castle.
It’s a Small World.
Cape Cod fishing village.
San Francisco painted ladies.
Light House
Ren Faire castle
Hotel Lobby Building
Oh, and… add in a touch of the Kremlin

12. It Burns My Eyes

13. I Hope Someone Got Fired Over This…

home shaming

14. Neighbor Redecorated The Guest Room, She Was Going For The 70’s Look

15. Shagadelic!

16. Third-Gen Share But I Think This Is Where This Post Belongs. Bonus Points For The Flip-Up Floor To Access The Toilet, But Puh-Lease Don’t Leave It Up In The Middle Of The Night

home shaming

17. If Barbie Had A Historical Home

18. Stop It

19. A Tiny Stairway To Nowhere

home shaming

20. Nothing Good Can Come Of This