Home Renovations That Gone Wrong

21. Privacy Guaranteed!

Adela Adela

22. I Don’t Even Know What To Say

Ania Makarewicz

23. Ouch. My Eyes

Allison Beer McKenzie

24. Help Me Out, Experts: Is It Doric Or Corinthian Columns For Dropped Basement Ceilings? I Always Get This Mixed Up!

Gabrielle Sellei

25. Client: I’d Like A Quarter Circle Window Over Each Garage Door. Architect: Say No More…

Jeff Evangelist

26. Found On Linkedin With A Caption That Roughly Translate To “Open Staircase Custom Made For A Client. Classy And Stark In Its Simple Design.” I Mean…

Laura Gavinelli

27. This Hurts My Sense Of Balance

Marilyn Dash

28. Send Help

Katrina Whatley

29. You Should Have Hired Anyone That Understands Gravity

Allison Beer McKenzie

30. You Should Have Hired An Architect

Stuart France