30 Of The Most Interesting Historical Mementos

21. Bought An Abandoned House And Found This In The Attic


22. Found In The Hallway Of My School

historical mementosmillez_dot_exe

23. Garage Sale Find (1929) – About 100 Love Letters Over Two Years From A Guy In Seattle To A Girl In Aberdeen, Wa


24. Historicfound This On The Street In Downtown Sd About 4 Years Ago When I Needed It Most. It’s Been In My Wallet Ever Since

historical mementoslittleppdp

25. This Dollar Bill I Found In My Change


26. This Came Out Of A Book I Was Flipping Through


27. Purchased Old Poetry Book At Flea Market And Found This Old Receipt For A College Poetry Class. This Receipt Has Been In This Book For 102 Years!

historical mementosDogspokerpolitics

28. Found On The Floor Of A Target. Meet Carla Rose


29. Found In My Apartment Building Lobby Today In North Dakota


30. “No. Not Yet.” ~ Found In 1908 High School Geometry Textbook

historical mementosdrewfuss99