30 Of The Most Interesting Historical Mementos

11. In The Library


12. Found In My Fortune Cookie….made Me Smile


13. Found In A Couch Being Re-Upholstered

historical mementostbornottb3

14. Prom – April 24, 1970. Found While Walking The Dog This Morning


15. Paper Found Among My Late Grandmother’s Belongings Talking About The Armistice Ending Ww I

historical mementoskaganey

16. “I Remember That Old Pole”


17. Found (Under) Wallpaper

historical mementostherankin

18. Was Told To Post Here: My Cousin Is Using This Bag Which Originally Belonged To Our Great Grandmother For Her Dance Tomorrow Night And Found A Note Which Has Been Hidden For 81 Years


19. Found Posted On A Couple Of The Walls Around My City. Email At The Bottom Blacked Out

historical mementosMyWingedLiner

20. This Book From 1892 I Found Inside A Hole In The Wall In A Rental Flat