Student Ruins Teacher’s Career for Insulting Students for Years

High school is hard enough for students without having to deal with a bad teacher. Most of us had to deal with at least one bad teacher in our high school life. A 34-year-old Reddit user by the username of Johnny_Provolone shared a story about how his algebra teacher in 12th grade used to bully and berate him in class. One day, he got so tired of it that he decided to take action against the teacher.

The student was 18-years-old when this happened to him. He eventually did graduate in 2001, but not before getting his algebra teacher fired. What he did was he purchased a tape recorder and then secretly recorded his teacher’s insults while in her class. After he recorded enough of the insults, he played them for school administrators who were in shock over what they heard. This ultimately led to the teacher being fired and then never heard from again.

Johnny_Provolone posted this story on the ProRevenge thread of Reddit. It earned a stunning 26,800 positive votes.

Read the entire story to the end below, and share your own revenge experience in the comments.

Note: Photo used in cover image is for illustrative purposes only, and is not the actual teacher.