People Share Pics Of Hidden Dogs And Some Of Them Are So Hard To Find

11. Can You Find The Pup?

12. Roscoe Prefers Under-The-Tree-Stealth-Mode

13. I Can’t Seem To Find Her. Level Champion Hider

14. Hidden Dog Challenge

15. I Know She’s Not The Best In Hiding But Please Don’t Find Her Yet. She Tried So Hard

16. I Promise There Is A Dog In This Photo. Not My Dog But A Very Clever Dog That Is Good At Camouflage

17. I Thought It Was Obvious Where He Was At When I Posted This On My Own Page But Everyone Just Kept Commenting On The Yellow Chair. I Think Only A Couple People Realized My Dog Was In The Pic. Lol

18. “Where’s Phil!?”

19. Bet You Can’t Find The Second Dog In This Photo

20. If Taco Can’t See You, You Can’t Find Him!