13 Photographs That Go Straight To Your Heart

When dreams come true

This man really wanted two sons…so they kept trying until they got there!

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Love which defies description

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The march of generations

Six generations in one photograph: from 111 years old to seven months.

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Hello, world!

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Mothers are the same everywhere

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A parent’s level of patience is eternal…Almost

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Do what your heart tells you, let everyone else think what they want

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That’s a lot of happiness from just one tablet computer!

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The sweetest kiss in the world

heartwarming photosAlain Laboile

Happy memories

A man looks at the bench in a park where he used to sit with his beloved wife.

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Undying devotion

A dog sits at the grave of its owner, who died in conflict.

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The pain of loss

A man cries after finding a family album in the ruins of his house following an earthquake.

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