18 Innocent-Looking Things That Almost Caused Hazardous Fires

Innocent-looking things might be very dangerous sometimes, they might even cause hazardous fires. There are some points to avoid hazardous fires like pay attention to glass goods in our home and sunlight. Here are 18 innocent-looking things that almost caused hazardous fires.

1. Crystal Ball Can Burn Your House

hazardous firemeakoopa

2. The Glass Globe Of This Light Focused The Sunlight Enough To Burn The Suns Path In The Grass


3. This London Skyscraper Can Melt Cars And Set Buildings On Fire

The skyscraper is known locally as “the Walkie-Talkie” for its unusual shape. But that curvilinear shape is exactly what’s causing the problem: The south-facing exterior wall is covered in reflective glass, and because it’s concave, it focuses the sun’s rays onto a small area, not unlike the way a magnifying glass directs sunbeams onto a superhot pinpoint of light.

4. The Sun Shining Through A Crystal Ball And Burned A Hole Through My Copy Of Goblet Of Fire

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5. After Washing The Car, Rims Created A Magnifying Effect On The Grass Which Started A Lawn Fire

Rocky Sirok Ledesma

6. Sunlight On Make-Up Mirror Causes Freak Nottinghamshire House Fire

hazardous fireNottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

7. The Chip Bowl Acted As A Parabolic Mirror And Set A Chip On Fire


8. This Football Shaped Bottle By A Mineral Water Company Ahead Of Football Worldcup Russia 2018 That Turns Into Spherical Magnifying Glass And Gets On Fire When In Sun For More Than A Minute


9. My Sister Was Putting On Her Make Up In Front Of A Window And The Mirror She Was Using Burnt A Hole In Her Screen

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10. House Fire Started By Sun Reflecting Off Bedroom Mirror