25 Photos Where True Happiness Has Been Captured

These boys have been hiding from bombings. They are safe and healthy.

happiness has been capturedrjhfun

“2 years ago, I saw a photo of a yoga pose. 2 weeks ago, I was finally strong enough to do it myself.”

happiness has been capturedpogonophobia

“My grandparents are celebrating 74 years of marriage.”

happiness has been capturedCamoman260

“My 10-month-old son loves Sesame Street. He got a late Christmas package full of the characters to play with! His smile couldn’t get any bigger!”

happiness has been capturediTendy

“Our dog fell asleep on me just like this.”

happiness has been capturedmecholdsteadystolen

“My grandma and her brother have sent each other the same Christmas card back and forth for 63 years.”

happiness has been capturedllanfairpwll789

This seal is pretty satisfied with its life.

happiness has been capturedimgur

“A Jewish woman who survived the Holocaust with the Scottish soldier who saved her. They were married on July 17, 1946, and celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary this year.”

happiness has been captured


“My daughter loves Batman, so a friend made a Batman doll to look like her!”

happiness has been capturedtas253

He is happy to see the first snow!

happiness has been capturedmother_ofdogs

Looking at this picture, you can feel the taste of the juicy watermelon…and a lot of happiness!

happiness has been capturedimgur

That’s the joy you get when taking a dog home from a shelter.

happiness has been capturedimgur

Bonus: It seems the happiest person in the world has been found.

happiness has been capturedDantae4C