Thanks To ‘Granny Pods,’ Grandparents Can Babysit Your Kids (And Annoy You) In Your Own Yard

We all know how difficult life can be for the elderly. Time gets by and your health deteriorates, making normal everyday tasks more difficult, and they are now even more susceptible to accidental injury. Home care providers or senior living communities are a few options for long-term care, although many families rightfully take up the responsibility of care themselves, often moving in grandparents or parents once they get too old to care for themselves. Although when there isn’t enough space at home, this can provide some issues, but what if you could house them with all the comforts of home whilst not taking up any extra space?

These medical cottages are the perfect solution, and the only space they will take up in your outdoor space, as they can be easily installed in a garden whilst being fitted to pre-existing power, water and sewage outlets.

Then it’s a case of moving in any elderly relatives into these miniature cottages, which look adorable, but are actually equipped with many amazing amenities that can help main the care for the individual whilst still providing independence that can be sorely lacking at this age.

Cameras are available to monitor the resident increase of an accidental fall or injuries, allowing you regularly check on them whilst still offering a level of privacy.


Lifts can be installed for those with mobility problems, and a digital companion system can help to remind them when they need to take any medication, along with help using the entertainment facilities such as the TV or playing music.

Even better is the fact that they will always be close by, so you can prevent them from feeling isolated – not to mention you will have a babysitter on standby!


The cottages also include a pressurized air system to keep airborne illnesses out.


The result is a place that seniors will love — and you will, too!
At $125,000 each there are by no means a cheap investment, but in terms of providing the best possible care for an elderly loved one, then it is certainly worth every penny!

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