Look at how Google spies on you without you being aware! You can find out from here!

It was nearly a decade ago that everyone become aware of how all information can be accessed on the internet. However, did you know that all your voice search data and other similar requests are stored by Google?

When we decided to find it out, we realized that there is a way in which you can disable the manner in which your personal information can be stopped from being read.

Over the years, Google has stored all your voice search requests and it is clearly mentioned in the Terms of Service of Google, which we are sure that none of us would have read.

The next time you have granted permission for the microphone on your phone, you should realize that all the information is stored in their servers.

What is it for?

It includes what you say, where you spend time mostly on the internet etc. This information is used to make the internet highly suitable for you. Although it seems to be a good idea, you should realize that it can also be used against you. Based on your searches, ads are served to you.

Where do I find this information?

When you click on the link here, you will notice that all your previous recordings have been saved. However, if you find no recordings here, you are safe to assume that you have never used the “Okay Google” feature on your phone. If you follow this link, you will also be able to search for all your past searches.

How can I delete it?

Deleting recordings is a simple matter of ticking the check box next to anything you want to obliterate and then selecting the Delete option. You can also delete everything in one fell swoop if you prefer.

  • Click the three dots button at the upper right of the page and select Delete options.
  • Select the Advanced option.
  • From the drop down menu, select All time and click Delete.

source: betanews, dailydot