15 Screenshots That People Made Interesting Finds While Traveling On Google Maps

Do you like to travel on Google Maps? Here are the most interesting screenshots Internet users have found on Google Maps.

1. The road smiles at you.

interesting google maps picshardstyle

2. Google sees everything!

interesting google maps picsfourhourtarget

3. “Yes, Google that’s exactly how bridges work!”

interesting google maps picsLothken

4. A really weird place in Texas

interesting google maps picsGodzilla_boss_300

5. “Are you okay, friend?”

interesting google maps picsFeeling-Very-Berry

6. “When you park your car just right”

interesting google maps pics xlicer

7. Someone is very critical about this place.

interesting google maps snapsPcriz

8. “Today, I found another plane that landed in — Antarctica?”


9. When you see Home Alone 2: Lost in New York in real life:


10. “Google Street View censored this cat for his privacy.”


11. “A flying rabbit caught on Google Maps”

interesting google maps snapsUnknown

12. “Zoom, zoom more, and then…”

homerchick / pikabu

13. “Some awesome lenticular clouds I found on Google Maps (in the Kamchatka Peninsula)”


14. You can see this many cats every day!


15. “Found a rare front dual-wheeled Jeep. Must be a big engine!”