Little Girl’s Reaction To Getting A Rescue Dog Is Guaranteed To Have You Smiling

It is the dream of many young children to have a pet dog. Loveable, friendly and full of energy, it’s easy to see why children and dogs can share such a close bond! The girl in the below video was exactly that. She dreamt of providing a safe home for a rescue dog, so would browse various websites each day, dreaming of finding the perfect match. And she certainly found it in the shape of Kona, a gorgeous black Labrador.  After finding Kona, she would bring her up over and over to her parents in the hope of finally getting the dog she had wanted for so long. It seems they heard the message loud and clear, as they surprise the eight year old girl not long after, bringing Kona home to her new family. Needless to say, she reacted as any eight year old that was given a new dog would – take a look and see in the video below, we guarantee it will be impossible not to crack a smile!

A VERY Special Morning!

Adopting a shelter pet can be a life changing experience for every member of the family. But when a young child goes to bed dreaming of saving a life and wakes up to her dream come true? That is magic!"It has been my youngest daughter's dream to have a dog. She asks at least 3 times a day for a dog and goes to bed every night looking at the local shelter's website and their dogs up for adoption. We have just been waiting for the right time. Well, Kevin and I went to just "look" and came home with Kona. She caught our eye a few days before on the website. She is a great dog! Loves the kids and is a bundle full of love. Glad we decided to visit the SPCA today."Happy Tails Kona and family!

Posted by Delaware SPCA, Stanton on Friday, January 29, 2016