Famous Geodesic Domes Around The World

Geodesic Domes are hemispherical thin-shell structures based on a geodesic polyhedron. The rigid triangular elements of the dome distribute the stress equally enabling domes to withstand heavy loads. Due to their shapes and exterior decorations, they become visually impressive as well. Here are some of the most famous geodesic domes around the world.

Montreal Biosphere

The architect of the work was Buckminster Fuller. Montreal Biosphere, or The Biosphere, was housed in the former U.S. pavilion for Expo 67, one of the most successful architectural fairs where various famous works were introduced such as Habitat 67. Later in 2007, it was turned into an environmental museum. The dome is located in Montreal, Canada and it symbolizes sustainability and resistance.

montreal biosphere


Climatron is a greenhouse enclosed in a geodesic dome and is part of the Missouri Botanical Garden. The architect of the dome was T.C. Howard and it was completed in 1960. Climatron is the world’s first completely air-conditioned greenhouse, and it is enclosed in Plexiglass panels, known to be the first geodesic dome to be so.

climatron, geodesic dome
plexiglass panels, geodesic dome

Spaceship Earth

It is a dark ride attraction at Epcot theme park at the Walt Disney World in the United States. The geodesic dome has been a symbol of Epcot Park since its opening in 1982. It is 55 meters tall.

spaceship earth
spaceship earth, geodesic dome

RISE (Sculpture)

RISE is a public art sculpture located above the A12 Westlink in Belfast, Northern Ireland. There is a geodesic sphere suspended inside a larger sphere. The height of the sculpture is 37.5 meters. The designer of the dome was Wolfgang Buttress and it celebrates the rising sun and the new chapter in the history of Belfast. Due to its location, the locals sometimes use the names ”The Ball of the Fall” or ”the Westicles” for the dome.

RISE, geodesic dome

Science World in Vancouver

Science World in Vancouver, Canada was originally built for Expo 86. After the exposition, the city government decided to use the building as a science center.

science world