This Photoshoot Of Emilia Clarke And Kit Harington Kissing Is Going Viral, And We All Know What That Means

The intimate relationship between Daenerys Stormborn and John Snow is amazing and their photograph which was taken in 2012 is becoming popular again. As you can see, the pictures were taken from Rolling stone Magazine and it is obvious that there is an intimate relationship between Kit Harington and Emilia Clark then. The photographer Peggy Sirota said, he couldn’t forget the moment when the two of them were kissing. “There were few of us on the field that particular day. As you can rightly see, there is a great love between the four of them….when I observe they were in love, I asked them to kiss and am glad I witnessed the moment.” Will this great affection continue to grow between the Mother of Dragons and the ex-commander of the Night’s Watch? Maybe we will get to know that this Sunday in the season finale!