40 Awesome Tombstones By People With An Immortal Sense Of Humor

31. Sucks To Be Me

funny tombstones epitaph

32. She’s Surely Going To Hell

funny tombstones epitaphTaed Wynnell

33. Do Not Enter

funny tombstones epitaph

34. My Great Grandfathers Headstone. I Have Never Met Him, But I Wish I Had

funny tombstones epitaphGlobindobinButler

35. Let ‘Er Rip

funny tombstones epitaphPat David

36. Oh Well

funny tombstones epitaph

37. Clay Allison Never Killed A Man That Did Not Need Killing

funny tombstones epitaphPlazak

38. Nobody’s Perfect

funny tombstones epitaphDormant Braincell Research Project

39. Have A Seat

funny tombstones epitaphThomas Dwyer

40. I Do Work For Cemeteries And This Is One Of The More Bizzare Quotes I’ve Seen On A Headstone

funny tombstones epitaphwiskerbiscuts

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