30 Weird And Funny Stock Photos, You Will Say Completely WTF

21. Catanic Featuring Leornado Dicatrio And Cate Winslet


22. Real Art

funny stock photossantas__boobs

23. Child Breaks The Fourth Dimension And Creates A Loophole, Sending His Legs Into A Different Dimension And Breaking His Back, All While Laughing About It.

funny stock photosSeniorHippopotamus

24. How To Keep Your Kids Safe On The Internet


25. Goodbye You Slimey Freak

funny stock photossexytai

26. Just Taking A Bath


27. Memory Loss Is More Painful Than You Might Think

funny stock photosKarlKlngOfDucks

28. African American Snake At Job Interview

funny stock photos


29. She’s Just A Little Moody, Now Get The F*cking Pickles


30. Woman Tackling A Mugger Who Forgets He Has Two Hands