40 Of The Funniest Responses To Public Notices

It is possible to see public notices everywhere from offices to streets. Some funny people don’t forget to give responses to public notices. Here are 40 of the funniest responses to public notices.

1. Funny Poster Spotted In Cambridge: Friendly Neighborhood Note Banter

public noticesfortuna_spins_you

2. Here Is An Office Joke


3. The Coffee Maker At My Office Got A Public Notice


4. A Smart Joke On A Public Notice

public noticesYonderyeti

5. Alaskan Office Joke


6. Office Jokes

public noticespotato999

7. The People At This Office Couldn’t Help Themselves With This Public Notice


8. My School Tried Locking Us Out Of The Bathrooms. Retaliation Followed


9. Smart Jokes

public noticesjcravenw

10. The Office Fridge Prank