40 Times People Share The Most Clever And Funny Signs

11. All Or Nothing! A Sign From A Local Business

funny signsMajorLeeClueless

12. Housemate Put This Sign On Our Door After Amazon Repeatedly Posted “Sorry We Missed You” Cards Whilst We Were Home


13. This Sign I Found At A Local Movie Theater

funny signsmemeboimanperson

14. This Sign At The Entrance To My In-Laws Retirement Community


15. Sign In A Taxi Cab

funny signsreddit.com

16. This Sign Outside A Local Pub


17. A Few Days Ago A Car Drove Through An Arby’s. This Was Their Sign Today

funny signsTotesOfGoats

18. Friend Saw This On Her Walk This Morning


19. Just Doing What The Sign Says

funny signsparsons5545

20. This Sign At A Local Vet