40 Times People Share The Most Clever And Funny Signs

Here is a hilarious list compiled from some of the most clever and funny signs ever captured. Take a look at them!

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1. Sign Posted Outside A Fencing Academy

funny signsshksona

2. A Sign That Gets My Full Support


3. Confidence

funny signs

4. I Thought It Was Weird Someone Put Tape Over The Sign


5. This Sign On A Beach In Lithuania

funny signsmrthordavis

6. Shop Sign In Kyoto, Japan


7. This Wet Floor Sign At The Toronto Aquarium

funny signsmcastre

8. Los Angeles Ice Cream Truck Owner Is Tired Of Social Media Influencers Trying To Get Free Ice Cream For Mentions


9. Let’s Not Ruin It By Calling Out Colors Or Sides. Just Enjoy The Sign For What It Says

funny signsVinceTheSignGuy

10. This Sign In Front Of A Bunch Of Venus Flytrap