20 Times Moms Made Us Laugh By Doing The Mommiest Things Ever

1. My Mom Put A Christmas Tree Up For The Spider That Built A Web In Her Living Room

funny moms being momsGreasewizardz

2. We Have Been Putting This Little Chewbacca In The X-Mas Tree For Ages And I Never Really Knew Why… I Just Found Out My Mom Thinks He Is A Gingerbread Man

funny moms being momsinmemoryoflilly

3. I Thought I Heard My Mother Talking To Someone Outside My Window

funny moms being momsendlessamy

4. I Told My Mom I Was Really Sick Today, An Hour Later She Showed Up At My House With This. I’m 30

funny moms being momsrIse_four_ten_ten

5. Gave Dad A Yoda Ornament Last Year, Here’s Where Mom Put It This Year

funny moms being momspetitbleuchien

6. My Mom Bought Chicks And Sent Me This

funny moms being momsSirThugMcNasty

7. I Am Lucky To Have A Korean Mother, Otherwise I Would Be So Dirty

funny moms being momsiJohnny0

8. Mom Knitted Me A Heart-Shaped Bookmark

funny moms being moms


9. My Mom Didn’t Know How To Take A Screenshot So She Improvised With The Scanner

funny moms being momsmcray

10. Mom Texts

funny moms being moms