Funny Examples of Pareidolia (Seeing Faces In Everyday Objects)

Floor Of Dog

I Climbed Down A Very Dangerous And Muddy Hill To Take This Shitty, Blurry Photo, So Please Enjoy The Cookie Monster Face I Found Along The Mississippi River

My Slippers Look Like They’re Up To No Good

Two Bearded Men

Bird Poop On My Windshield Looks Exactly Like The Head Of A Pigeon

Dude In Martini Has Had Too Much To Drink

The Goddess Lives

After I Poured Milk Into My Coffee, I Found Snoopy On The Doghouse Under The Moon

My Daughter’s Suitcase Looks Really Upset That It Was Left On The Stairs

Kind Of A Tinny Sound, Other Than That It Was A Great Concert. Bravo To Maestro Jack!

Sideshow Palm

Cactus Doin’ A Little Rock Climbing

Happy Snow