Funny Desktop Backgrounds That Are Absolutely Genius

These genius funny desktop backgrounds will keep your co-workers thoroughly enthused each time they walk by your desk.

1. How To Organize Your Desktop Like A Boss

funny desktop wallpapersSabird1

2. Explorer Is Terrifying

funny desktop wallpapersWertson

3. This Is My Co-Workers Desktop. Amazing

funny desktop wallpapersOnetufbewby

4. My Desktop Set Up At Work

funny desktop wallpaperspirate_door91

5. Chrome Vs Firefox

funny desktop wallpaperscluebees

6. This Is The View From My First Year University Bedroom.

funny desktop wallpaperssupreme_meow

7. How My Friend Returned My Computer After Fixing It

funny desktop wallpaperscroft1342

8. Magnificent Idea

funny desktop wallpapers


9. My Wallpaper Because Of You All…

funny desktop

10. The Best Wallpaper For A 4 Monitor Setup…

funny desktop

11. Oh, You!

funny desktop wallpapers

12. Coworkers Adding Heads To Animals On Desktop Background


13. Ups

14. Now I Want To Share My Desktop


15. I Couldn’t Think Of What To Make My Wallpaper, So I Did This


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